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Read what our clients have to say about working with Bill and Engineered Strength

"I was looking for a new training regime after moving on from CrossFit, and luckily I found Bill. I literally learned more about lifting technique in one session with Bill than in my several years of CrossFit. I was hooked. Bill is my leader."

Doug - TX

"I have had the honor to work with Bill for several years running. Due to my line of work, I am not the "average Joe" of clients. My schedule varies and is very unpredictable. Yet, Bill was always willing to work with me to structure my physical training to fit my schedule, while also adding a reasonable amount of stress each training session to keep me getting stronger and fitter. He really goes above and beyond the standard of coaching with regular phone calls and check ins to keep me on track. It is clear that he truly cares about my physical fitness and health. I can honestly say that I am the strongest I have ever been while working with Bill, and I am only getting stronger.

Not only has Bill served as my coach, he has also been a very valuable mentor. I had always been into strength training and personal training in some form before meeting Bill, but he took my coaching practice to the next level. As a client of Bill's, I got to witness first-hand his coaching style and philosophy. I have worked with many coaches in the field of strength and conditioning, yet Bill is by far the most knowledgeable and most skilled coach I have every worked with. Through his coaching and teachings, he inspired me to become a coach myself. Not only have I become stronger and fitter because of working with Bill, I have become more knowledgeable, skilled, and ultimately, a true professional in the field of strength and conditioning. 

Working with Bill over the years has changed my life, and if you choose to work with him, I can guarantee he will change your life, too."

Nick - VA

"I started working with Bill two years ago.  His coaching and mentoring have been extremely beneficial in both my training as a lifter and my development as a strength coach.  Bill has kept me accountable and has adjusted programming around my lifestyle, injuries, and other unexpected events.  For example, I shattered my toe at work and had to be in a walking boot for six weeks after surgery.  Bill adjusted my program and modified the lifts so that I could still develop strength and stay active while recovering.

I have also taken his coaching education course and greatly improved my skills as a barbell coach under his mentoring.  The depth of information and organization in the course is outstanding. 

I cannot thank Bill enough for his impact on my development.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach."

Adam - IN

"As a newer coach, I began mentoring under Bill a little over a year ago. Though I didn’t have a background in mechanics or physics, Bill really helped me to better understand why we lift the way we do. Thanks to Bill, I have a much deeper understanding of movement models, anatomy, programming and the psyche of both coach and athlete. The time spent learning from him has made me significantly better at what I do.  He didn’t often give me the answers to my questions up front...he would nudge me and guide me in the right direction so that I could discover the answers myself. That’s where the true learning happened."

Brittany - NM

"Vince Lombardi once said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. A coach doesn’t get better at coaching by repeating hundreds of junk reps in the same way a lifter doesn’t get better at squatting by doing the same. Bill and the Engineered Strength staff will help you identify where your weak points are and can help you develop a system to direct your coaching reps more effectively no matter how experienced you are as a coach.  What I took away from the camps I attended made a marketable difference in my coaching ability and equipped me with the tools to refine my coaching eye. The materials, resources, and instruction were at or above the quality you would expect of a college classroom setting. The staff is professional and the atmosphere is FUN. The efficiently run seminars are a good balance of instructional time and practical application. You come away with specific, individual feedback during an exit interview at the end so if you are looking to increase your skill as a coach, these camps are exactly what you’re looking for." 

Matt - VA

"Bill helped me realize how much work goes into becoming a better coach. He is a great resource of information. Working with Bill made me challenge myself to become better, set goals, and work harder than I ever have to become what I want to become."

Sean - UT

"Bill Hannon has been my coach for many years and during that time, he has not only helped me accomplish all of my goals but shattered all of my expectations. He even took my achy 52 year-old body from a 315 to a 405 squat in under 6 months. Every meet Bill has prepared me for has resulted in a trip to the podium including an overall Masters win with an 1100+ total in a strengthlifting meet last year. Even more important, Bill showed me how to think my way through the process of getting stronger and was instrumental in helping me start my own successful coaching business. I simply cannot begin to thank him for the knowledge and the friendship over the past several years, so I will just say I am lucky to have met him and look forward to the years to come."

Marty - WY

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